Payments From Apple’s App Store For YouTube TV Not Valid Anymore

receiving any payments for subscription of YouTube TV via the Apple App Store. YouTube TV is not the first streaming app to move its customers away from making payments through Apple App Store, Netflix and Spotify have already restricted payment for subscriptions through their respective websites only.

Apple App Store’s commission policy for subscription payments made on the platform have become increasingly unacceptable for the developers. For any subscription payment made through the Apple App Store, a 30 per cent fees is to be paid to Apple for 12 months, after which the fees is reduced to 15 per cent. Alphabet Inc., in its last quarterly earnings report, revealed that YouTube TV has managed to cross the 2-million subscribers mark. The company is sorting out ways to build on YouTube’s earnings and the cut from Apple App Store could help that cause a bit. YouTube TV has been performing well against the likes of Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video despite not having a lot to offer for now.

YouTube continues to dominate the streaming sector as a recent report from AppAnnie revealed that people spend 70 percent of their time on YouTube among the top five apps while using their smartphone. While Netflix, Diney, and other streaming service providers battle it out to come up with the best content, YouTube continues to build on its capability to attract user attention. The surge in usage of TikTok hasn’t affected YouTube but has left Netflix with a user void.

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