Precautionary Need To Battle Covid-19 Outbreak Likely To Boost Global N95 Mask Market Growth

N95 mask is one of the personal protective equipment that is utilized to defend the wearer from the any kind of airborne elements and from the liquid, which can cause infection. The N95 masks are particularly intended to sieve out at least 95% particles from being inhaled, such as molds and dust. These masks have the potential to ward off the droplets produced during sneezing and coughing from interacting with the surroundings. These drops are sufficient to transit the airborne diseases as well as other infections.

A huge spike is observed in the requirement for N95 masks owing to the unexpected pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 around the world. Also, the number of patient impacted by this disease is going up rapidly across the globe, thus driving the growth of the global N95 mask market. In addition, the rise in air pollution globally on account of greenhouse gas emissions and sweltering of fossil fuels has resulted in a sharp rise in incidences of respiratory disorders worldwide.

Further, over the years, there has been an increased incidence of diseases that impact the respiratory system resulting in growing need for tools that assist in alleviating health risks. All of this is anticipated to further fuel the market growth during the coming period. Moreover, the elevated expenditure in research and development along with applications in several fields are expected to propel the expansion of the global N95 mask market during the forecast period.

For instance, Honeywell, in March 2020, declared that they had sealed a deal from Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) to manufacture 6 million N95 masks over the subsequent year, to keep the stocks of their medical centers and hospitals full with personal protective equipment vital to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Likewise, in March 2020, 3M declared that they had ramped up the N95 masks’ production capacity to battle the pandemic and is intending to manufacture over a billion masks by the year-end.

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