Prices of Gold weaker, silver steady in early trade

The prices of gold are weaker and the silver prices had been steady to a little higher in the early trading in the United States this Friday. The metals had erased initially the modest losses overnight soon after a downside missing of the guidelines on the payrolls which were non-farm of the reports of United States employment in the month of December. The gold futures had been down last at $4.80 per ounce for February.

The investors and traders have been back to the examination of the economic data and the other fundamentals in the market including the situation of employment in the United States for the month of December which has recently been released from the department of labor. The major numbers from the non-farm payrolls have come in at the upward level of 145,000 which had been lower slightly than the rise that was expected at the level of 160,000. The stronger than expected report for employment in the nation by ADP had a few people leaning towards the number of non-farm jobs being stronger. The report is falling mildly into the camp of the doves of United States monetary policy who are wanting to see the lower rates of interest.

The stock markets in Asia had been mixed to a slightly firm in the night and the shares of Europe had been up mostly. The stock index in the United States had been pointing towards the firmer openings and at a few more record levels when the sessions began in New York. After they hit a speed bump some days ago, the stock markets are back in the business and the risk appetite is once again robust.

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