Rapeseed Press Cake Can Be Used To Tackle Cardiac Disease

Reportedly, the researchers are examining how a derivative or by-product from rapeseed oil can decrease the prospect of forming toxic compounds that can develop cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease. The new study from the UAD (University of Abertay in Dundee) is analyzing how the leftover “press cake” after oil production from rapeseed can be transformed into a human food having health-promoting properties. The nutrients detected in the by-product upholds the potential to assist in reducing the formation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-Products), which are found in various kinds of cooked food and are connected to pathological conditions like cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease.

The artificial drugs to tackle these diseases are already accessible but have redundant side effects, with the research team optimistic that rapeseed press cake—which is presently used as animal feed—can present a natural substitute without such problems. The protein removed from the press cake has been analyzed and stated safe for human diet by the EFSA (European Food Safety Association). It is gained from the press cake in the same processing method as of soy protein and has comparatively higher amino acid and protein content. On lab testing, it was seen that it could be partially used as flour in cookies with helpful effects during the baking process, particularly in the lessening of acrylamide, which is a latent carcinogenic compound produced while cooking of starchy foods.

On a related note, recently, a study showed that high-fat foods can surge the CBD (cannabidiol) absorption in the body. As the oral CBD capsules were sanctioned by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in patients experiencing seizures in 2018. A study from the UMN (University of Minnesota) and was published in the journal Epilepsia. The researchers examined whether consuming the high-fat foods subsequent taking CBD surged the body’s absorption of CBD. Angela Birnbaum—Professor in the College of Pharmacy—said, “The type of food can make a huge difference in the amount of CBD that is absorbed in the body. Even though fatty foods can augment the absorption of CBD, it can also surge the variability as not all meals have the same amount of fat.”

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