Renewable Energy Is Set To Transform The Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry in the world is one of the largest energy consumers, however, the industry’s door is always open for constant technological innovation and growth. Being a leading industry in the world it is always a forerunner at climate change summits and meetings. This is primarily due to the direct effect of climatic conditions on the healthcare sector.

One of the major factors drawing attention toward the healthcare sector is its large number of customers. Hence shifting towards renewable energy sources can help the healthcare sector in double folds. Renewable energy can benefit several industries, but its effect on the healthcare industry might be metamorphic. The effectiveness and adaptability of renewable energy can change the healthcare sector more sustainably. With renewable energy healthcare sector will be more accessible and affordable.

The healthcare industry around the world is responsible to generate huge amounts of greenhouse gas. The massive equipment and machines that need to be working 24/7 require massive energy to operate. Renewable energy may reduce the waste problem of the healthcare industry, but it will assist to lessen its effect. Reducing the healthcare sector’s greenhouse gas emissions still represents notable progress in sustainability.

By adopting renewable energy sources, hospitals can alternatively create their energy supplies rather than buying them from a private or government energy provider. By looking at the daily power consumption of the healthcare sector, a slight change in electricity sources can result in significant savings. Moreover, renewable sources of energy such as solar produce green power and contribute more natural light.

Advanced technological achievement with thermal heat pumps can also provide constant heating at the desired temperature which is much cheaper compared to thermal energy. The Healthcare industry is very cost-consuming. Through renewable energy sources, hospitals can reduce overhead costs, which can offer more affordable patient care.

Research directed and supported by the Council on Energy Environment and Water and by Oxfam India respectively, estimated the significances of electricity access in healthcare sectors of rural India. The study displayed that health facilities operating with solar energy attended approximately 50% extra out-patients every month, and covered nearly 50% additional institutional deliveries.

With the schemes like National Hydrogen Mission, Renewable Purchase Obligation, and Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission government is significantly supporting the adoption of renewable energy in several industries to invest in including renewable energy sources for their daily operations. This has also resulted in significant shift in adopting renewable energy in healthcare institutes towards a more cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable form of energy.

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