Researchers Find A Doorway Connecting Iron Deficiency And Hearing Loss

It has been found that hair loss and anemia have a connection. The lower iron levels have been found by the researchers from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine to cause hearing loss in an individual. In the current study, the researchers have found the low iron levels causing iron-deficiency anemia to have an association with the blood disorder. The plan is to understand the correlation between the two better to help diagnose and treat IDA faster so as to avoid hearing loss. The iron-rich diets in the previous study conducted in 2002 had shown to improve the hearing frequencies.

The iron in blood cells helps carry oxygen from the lungs to the other parts of the body. The oxygen supply is vital for the inner ears as well and for this, the normal functioning of the blood supply is needed. The low oxygen supply to the inner ear leads to ischemic damage which is the reason behind ear loss. Thus, the presence of iron in the blood is necessary to maintain hearing balance. Iron deficiency generally causes fatigue, breathlessness, and chest pain. But, it is for the first found to hamper ear loss. The pregnancy-related changes can also affect the blood iron level such that it can lead to anemia. The other types of anemia like sickle cell anemia can also cause hearing loss. The iron supplements are always a good option to avoid hearing loss even though it can treat anemia.

In another study, the University of Leeds researchers have found the ear to be the best option in helping slow down the aging process. The researchers found tickling therapy to help people age healthy and calibrate the body’s internal control system again by rebalancing the autonomic nervous system. Tickling the ear has been found to be the best option as the ear is a gateway that can help connect with the body’s metabolic balance.

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