Tesla announces rewards for those who can hack their cars.

The cars which are highly connected such as the Tesla cars are going to bring in all kinds of advantages like updates over-the-air which deliver newer features. However, these may be open too to the digital attacks. Though, in the past there have been reports of the emergence of hackers who remotely control these cars and steal the vehicles by copying the entry fobs and performing the digital hot wires. For the improvement of the security of these cars and showing how hard they are working already for securing such cars, Tesla has offered a large amount of these cash prizes to the hackers who are able to breach these systems on a Model 3 at an annual event.

At an event which is held in the city of Vancouver, Tesla has rewarded two researchers of security with a Model 3 each for the breaching of the systems of vehicles through the browser of the infotainment center. The teams utilized the JIT bug which had been existing in the browser renderer for the execution of a code on the firmware of the car and displaying messages on the screen.

In the month of March, the company is also going to hand out cash along with cars for the person who is able to crack the top layer security and is going to be eligible to win one Model 3 in addition to cash prizes of $500,000.

These prizes are going to be divided in different tiers and they will depend on the difficulty of this hack. The prize of the top tier is going to require these hackers for the performing of a highly complicated hack by them entering into the systems through a tuner or wi-fi.

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