Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range sees price and range increase

The online configurator of Tesla’s model has been updated on Friday in order to increase its rated-range and the Model 3 Long Range price.

When the Model 3 had been launched by Tesla priced at $35,000, it was a surprise for many as the automaker had announced that it is going to increase the range of all the Long-Range Model 3 which existed at this time with rear- wheel- drive cars.

At that time the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk had said that for the existing customers the company had been able to do a few things which in his words were “pretty cool”. Tesla, he added was as much of a software company as it is a hardware company and through firmware they had been able to improve the range of this rear wheel drive car which was long range from 310 miles to 325 miles. This is going to affect all the customers, which means it affects those which had been shipped till now and also the new ones.

In the month of March, Tesla began pushing this update and some had noticed the increase in range although it was not affecting all the owners in an equal manner.

In addition to the software update for Model 3 Long Range RWD which has now been continued, Tesla has taken a decision to now update the online configurator of the company for the listing of the Long Range Model 3 range at 322 miles.

The auto manufacturer has increased the price as well of the model to $48,490 from $47,990 which it was earlier.

Tesla has recently also increased the Model X and Model S range with its new Raven Powertrain.

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