Tredence Introduced healthEM.AI to Optimize and Improve the Cost of Healthcare

AI/ML healthcare informatics data platform indorses value transformation and realization for healthcare payors and providers.

A healthcare informatics subsidiary launched by Tredence provides analytical clarifications to advance healthcare outcomes and balance the cost of care for both payors and providers.

HealthEM.AI identifies the degree of challenges in the industry, which include clinical care, patient care, and profit cycle management, and helps the sector to take action via radical analytical understandings.

HealthEM.AI’s data platform is compatible with the United States regulatory standards for healthcare, which include HIPAA and FHIR. With HealthEM.AI’s data platform healthcare providers can offer Value-based care (ACOs, Medicare advantages), specialty lines of business (dental, cardiology, vision, etc.), reimagining analytics interferences to progress competencies in healthcare organizations, and commercial health plans.

Tredence CEO and Co-founder Shub Bhowmick, said, healthcare payors and providers functioning in a quickly changing platform today, and companies’ AI/ML-supported healthcare data solutions can significantly connect the actual gap between decision and direction. HealthcareEM.AI will prove itself as a real game-changer, as it is constructed to bring value in close association with major healthcare players in the industry”

The HealthEM.AI’s platform covers the complete sequence of data management, right from data assimilation to data quality, classification, and provisioning with a laser focus on improving self-service and time-to-value analytics through the healthcare field.

Vance Vanier M.D., Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Chicago Pacific Founders said, we all have realized massive pressures built upon the healthcare sector from the past 18 months regarding quality and cost of the medical care. Also, we believe that combining healthcare operative expertise with Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a crucial part in reducing the cost of the operation that will ultimately improve the medical quality. HealthEM.AI is at the front to bring significant innovation to the global healthcare sector, he added.

Tredence’s healthcare stage assist cost savings and efficacies for healthcare provided by:

Understanding complicated populations with hindsight and applying AI/ML-based prognostic models to recognize ‘expanding risk’ or ‘high-cost errors’ that healthcare organization teams can identify and avoid.

Assisting organizations to categorize and perform progressive analytics, for instance, SNF/LTC analytics, chronic cohorts, and network seepage.

Increasing bottom-line and top revenue drivers for a specific category of business.

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